Our Approach

We make tourist maps that include useful information for visitors in an simple, modern and organized way. This is why users prefer to use Mapi, not only while in town, but also as a collective item.


Our Story

We began making maps in the year 2000, and today we have printed more than 1,000,000 maps of Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and now we are going to begin our US adventure with Mapi for San Antonio, Austin, Miami and New York.

When we started our journey there was not a good map of Panama City, in fact in 1999 I got one map for $1.25 in a Shell Station, but almost got lost with it. At that moment I knew tourist would have a big problem in Panama City with the maps that were available. That’s why we started Mapi.

At the beginning people were unsure of what the future of tourism was going to be. We started selling ads before September 11th, 2001 and customers were excited about getting their spaces on the map. Then Sep. 11th happened and the future for tourism didn’t seem very positive. We waited 2 months and tourism in Panama was always active…

We went back in order to sell the ads, now with official forecasts of hotel occupancy in Panama City, and in less than 20 days, the 49 ads we needed were sold. The first printed edition of MAPI came out on April 6th, 2002.

For the following three years, Mapi developed and tourism increased in Panama City. By the year 2005 the demand for maps was high, our Free edition was not enough for the demand hotels, car rentals, and business in general were needing, that’s why we decided to print the 1st Edition of Mapi without ads. We printed Panama City with Tourist Guide.

Fantastic and worth every penny

By K22 on November 8, 2008
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This map is fantastic! It shows stoplights, one-way streets, restaurants, hotels and gas stations. You can find your way by using all of these as reference points. This map is far better than anything you will get from the rental car company or in any guide book. Worth every penny.

November 25, 2008

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January 22, 2009

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Very handy map!!!

By Robert C. Boyer on November 12, 2013

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I used this map a lot in Panama City–it is very handy and accurate! I like the fact that it is waterproof too–this turned out to be very valuable during the rainy season! I highly recommend this map!

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By R. Marrero on November 25, 2008

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Our maps are elegant, informative and easy to use. We create maps with lots of information. Tourists from all around the world love Mapi.

We do maps with passion.